The grasses were so dry that it seemed the whole forest moved with our noisy steps. Uche was the squad leader while I assisted. The rebel soldiers were advancing toward us, we heard that from the grapevine.

Boom! The bomb exploded some distance away. Our little bottles were filled with petrol all we had to do was to get to their camp and get it burned.

Boom! The bomb exploded again and fear gripped us. Everyone ran for cover. No one wanted to die before Christmas.

The enemies were a few yards ahead. We succeeded in clearing the whole camp in the night while they were asleep after much liquor intake.

We returned to our camp to celebrate our victory and have some shaving. We would go home to see our families and celebrate Christmas with them. I won’t shave because I loved the forest below my waist though I will shave my underarm hair. I don’t have moustache yet.

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