The school was a very beautiful place, as many say, with lots of flower gardens. Students were banned from using their mobile phones in the school but that was a law always to be disobeyed,

In this school you see the beautiful, the cute and the handsome but be sure to meet the ugly. You meet intelligent students and dummies.

A school respected everywhere but a prison yard for students.

A school existing in the developing town of Abakaliki. A staff secondary school formed from the university.

* * *

Chike and Ujunwa walked into an uncompleted hostel beside the laboratories with full hope to read without distraction from classmates or from the library attendant. Reading swivelled into a conundrumatic romance act. Hands were held, eyes were locking with each other, the tongue and the whole mouth longed for a kiss, kisses.

Inside the library at the extreme were no eyes could reach. Two boys were writing stories and reading — viewing — adult magazine.
Some students were busy playing in the Biology Laboratory.

Chike and Ujunwa were caught in the act by the school’s ex principal. And a fate they do not know is what they will soon face: punishment or suspension or expulsion.

Umuakwukwo ka ha bu.

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